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Arrived in Kiel

14 June. 2019

Laura didn’t have to tie a bowline knot during her job interview. Nor did she have to produce her swimming badge. Instead it was her expertise in materials science and materials technology that was in demand.

Wide-ranging work

Laura studied in Kiel. Following her master’s degree she joined thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH in 2014, where she has since worked in the submarine area as an expert in materials and corrosion protection. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is a leading global system provider for submarines, naval vessels and civil shipping and can draw on more than three hundred years of experience in cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise “made in Germany”. Her work is wide-ranging: As part of a team of two she advises customers from Germany and abroad, the various departments of the shipyard as well as Purchasing and subcontractors on corrosion protection, various materials, their selection and material combinations. Quality assurance and the preparation of design documents are also part of her activities, which she carries out mainly from her desk.

Finding solutions in the depths

From time to time, however, the 31-year-old also goes on “deep dives” herself, inspecting problems on site with her colleagues at the shipyard or supporting production in executing design instructions. Hard hat and overalls are always at hand. Fortunately she has no problems with claustrophobia when she has to dive into the depths of a submarine – quite the contrary: On-site inspections and direct exchanges with colleagues are fun and helpful in checking whether what’s been planned actually works in practice. And that’s precisely what appeals to her about her job – searching for solutions together with others, acting on her own responsibility, and working with different people each day. The spirit in the team is excellent and it’s not uncommon for them to meet up for a cold drink after work.

There is still much to discover

When Laura isn’t working on submarines she spends a large part of her free time with her horse, enjoying life by the sea or in the great outdoors. Born in Mönchengladbach, she has now grown attached to the region and to thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and can hardly imagine going anywhere else. “From a work point of view, I’m exactly where I wanted to be,” says Laura. “While I do want to develop myself further, I’d like to do it here at thyssenkrupp because there’s still so much to discover.” Both professionally and personally, Laura feels she is in a good place at the Kiel location, not least because her way of working – friendliness and competence are not mutually exclusive – goes down very well with her co-workers.