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Crew & Culture

Meet the people, who are the driving force behind our goal to become Europe’s most modern naval company: Our employees and teams not only create our longterm success as a company but – with their shared values and team spirit – lay the foundation for an environment where new talent can thrive through high-quality education and training.

Women in maritime engineering

To this day, women are underrepresented in many fields – especially in maritime shipbuilding. For the International Women's Day, we talked to Gabriele Zogs. As Head of Engineering Resources Management, the mechanical engineer looks back on a successful career in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Digital underwater communication in maritime shipbuilding

In recent years, many efficient transmission methods have been developed for mobile communications. Electromagnetic waves for wireless data transmission now enable large bandwidths and data rates of several GBit per second in this area - even over long distances. Digital underwater communication is an exception.

What dual students at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems can expect

Dual courses of study are becoming increasingly attractive - in addition to practical training, they attract students with remuneration and good career opportunities. But no sweat, no prize: While other students enjoy their semester breaks, dual students are in the company and have to pass their exams within a set time frame. Peter Rudolf is a dual student at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and tells us why he decided to do a dual study program at the shipyard and what interested parties need to know about the dual study program at thyssenkrupp.

Arrived in Kiel

Laura didn’t have to tie a bowline knot during her job interview. Nor did she have to produce her swimming badge. Instead it was her expertise in materials science and materials technology that was in demand.

Playing in the Champions League – but in Kiel

Whether on land, in the water or in the air: Knowing you have a good team behind you is everything, as senior mechanical engineer Erdal also knows from his days on the pitch.

Cem Selvi and his team make trainees fit for the shipyard

Shortage of skilled workers is still a current problem - especially in the technical and engineering areas. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is trying to counteract this with a wide range of training and study programs. We talked to Cem Selvi, Head of Vocational Training at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, about training opportunities for young people at the Kiel, Hamburg and Emden locations.

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