Improving the production of welded parts with artificial intelligence

Errors in welded parts in the context of ship and submarine building represent a big safety issue. Jonas and his team have developed an AI tool to monitor and increase the quality within the production of welded parts.

How Augmented Reality takes submarine construction to the next level at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

Conventionally, submarine construction requires hundreds of 2D drawing sheets as design documents. At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems this is no longer necessary – thanks to Augmented Reality:

Modernizing submarine construction with 3D printed fuel cell components

Find out how 3D printing and fuel cell technology are modernizing submarine construction.

Databased Welding Technologies – Uprgrading Quality Management

When it comes to welding, mistakes can be expensive and time-consuming. Our Databased welding is a leap in Quality Management.

Remote maintenance with the Red Case

A reliable Remote Maintenance System provides expertise aboard a ship anytime and anywhere – ensuring smooth functioning and detecting problems before they arise.

How smart glasses extend reality right before your eyes

HoloLens augmented reality glasses integrate virtual objects such as texts, visuals, or videos in the “real world environment” and extend the physical world by enriching it with additional information. At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems we are already using the HoloLens in submarine construction. "What we are seeing here is the beginning of a revolution in how ships and submarines will be built in the future," Senior Project Engineer (PLF) at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems tells us.

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