We stand for German naval shipbuilding and are proud of our employees and our future talents. Our employee stories give insights into getting started at our shipyards, first hand experiences and what it means to them to be part of our team and contribute to our success, growth and further development.

“I’m really surprised that so few women want to learn this occupation. The job is very varied and perfectly doable in terms of the physical demands – and colleagues are happy to lend a hand if necessary.“

Paulina, training as construction mechanic in metal fabrication and shipbuilding

“At first after leaving school I was afraid I wouldn’t make any friends at thyssenkrupp, but they had a really great way of doing things and quickly brought all the apprentices together”. At the beginning lots of events were held at which the apprentices could get to know each other, such as group trips. Kjetil is now very happy at thyssenkrupp and has found friends there he now often goes to the beach with after work.“

Kjetil, Second year apprentice in Kiel

“From a work point of view, I’m exactly where I wanted to be,” says Laura. “While I do want to develop myself further, I’d like to do it here at thyssenkrupp because there’s still so much to discover.“

Laura, Recent university graduate

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